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Who can start a project on Projects for Good?

Anyone with a great idea to help their community or the world can start a project on Projects for Good. Some of our project owners run large scale global projects to combat climate change or protect endangered species. Other project owners were inspired to clean up their local park or build a community garden. We love projects of any shape and size and our community does as well. Read our blog for interviews with some of our inspiring community members.


How do I set up a project on Projects for Good?

If you have your project concept, sign right up and click the Start a Project button. You can easily enter pictures, your project story, fundraising goal, and job descriptions. One of our team members will review the project and let you know when it is published or if you need to make suggestions. But if this is your first time we suggest these steps to get started.

  1. Visualize a successful outcome. How will you feel when your project is complete? How will it make others feel? What kind of impact will it make? 
  2. Now that you’re feeling good, jot down the who, what, when, and where of your project. You’ll use this to write your project headline, short description, and long description.
  3. Pick the 2-3 images you’ll use. You’ll want one main image and 1-2 other images for the body of the story.
  4. Sign in and choose “My Projects” from the drop down menu under your profile picture.

Start filling out your project! And don’t be shy about contacting us for help.


Why should I use Projects for Good?

Projects for Good is specifically designed to support projects that help the greater good. There are sites that support product concepts or immediate personal needs, and they're great. But that's not what we're here for. We're here to help you help other people (or animals or nature.) As a project owner you need tools both logistical and empowering in nature. You'll be able to create a professional fundraising page, securely transfer funds, and create job listings to find paid professionals or volunteers. But support also comes in another form - from our community of like-minded people who will help and will cheer you on.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ for more information.

We’ve added more ways to fundraise

You asked, and we heard you! There are now three ways to fundraise on Projects for Good.

Defined Goal

You define the fundraiser goal based on what is required to complete your project. If your fundraiser reaches 100% of the goal, you will receive the funds raised.

Flexible Goal

This is our simplest type of fundraiser and works best for projects that will benefit from any amount of money. You get to keep what you raise regardless of whether you meet your goal.

Multi Stage

By breaking your funding goals into multiple stages, each with a clear outcome, you can control what funding is most necessary and what can wait.

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Success Stories

Hope Fleet International Inc

$777 raised for Bahamas Disaster Relief Generator Package

Danny Moroney and his team were able to purchase and deliver disaster recovery tools to The Bahamas

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