Year Round Drinking Water for Desert Families in Rural India

Rajasthan, India
Everyone deserves a sustainable source of clean water, however remote they are. At WaterHarvest, we implement low-cost, sustainable water-harvesting systems to capture the monsoon rain & provide families in rural India with water at home. With your support, we will build 15 water tanks – To transform the lives of the families living in remote India
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Project Story



We take water for granted


 Life is vastly different for families in the isolated villages in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, where there is a deepening water crisis. These villages are in one of the most arid zones in India. Women and girls spend a third of their lifetime making the perilous daily search for water in unbearable heat. Burdened by a 20kg pot, it is a back-breaking daily struggle. No time to earn a living. No freedom to go to school. No escape from illness. No way out of the poverty trap. 


With your help we can help these forgotten families take the first step out of poverty. Together with partners and communities in India, we will build 15 water tanks that will capture and store the precious monsoon rains, providing year-round drinking water.  



Your support will have a transformational impact on the village future. With a sustainable source of clean water at home, families will be healthier, women will be free to work and girls will be able to gain an education – impacting the quality of life for future generations.  





Use of Funds


15 Taankas - Total $10,000 

$5,200 -Materials for 15 water tanks 

$4,800 - Technical support for construction of tanks, maintenance and water quality training. 




Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

25 Water Tanks
$ 10,000
$ 10,000

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