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Rebuild Nepal School After Devastating Earthquake

Helambu, Bagmati, Nepal
The project is to build a permanent earthquake resistant primary school in a village that was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes and in doing so, training and educating locals on building techniques.
Ryan Matthew
United States
Defined Goal
raised of $10 goal

Project Story

Yangrima Boarding School

The school was opened in 1985, although it wasn't until 1987 that a building could be provided by the villagers. In 1988, the school was given Government approval and a management committee was set up which has continued to direct its activities. In 1990, there were just two teachers responsible for 38 children, aged from 4 to 12, grouped in five classes in a tiny building.
Yangrima began to receive GAP volunteers in 1989. By 1991, pairs of volunteers were being sent, changing approximately every four months. Whilst helpful in providing support for the full-time staff, lack of continuity was a problem and the UK supporters group, founded in 1990, initially funded two Nepalese teachers.
In 1993, a major project was started to provide new school buildings. With generous support from two Cambridge Colleges, Clare and Queens', the Gurkhas and many friends from around the UK, hinds were raised to buy building materials and to supervise the project. Land was donated by the village and many villagers worked to bring materials up the 6000 foot climb from the nearest road. By 1995 the new buildings were ready to receive pupils; not before time as there were already 80 children in the cramped and dangerous old buildings!
The school has now grown to 180 pupils. Children can now be taught up to age 15 and we soon hope to take this on to Secondary School Certificate. Nine Nepalese staff are now employed, in addition to the two volunteers, and the Support Group also funds a part time Lama to provide cultural and religious education.
The Earthquake
Nepal was hit by some devastating Earthquakes In April and May of 2015. The Yangrima school was particularly affected by the second, which desimated many of the classrooms and residences.
How You Can Help
We are seeking $10,000 in donations to rebuild the Yangrima School and allow the children to return to their classrooms and continue their education.

How you can help…

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