Planting Resilience in Madagascar

Extended, severe drought has devastated local crops and left southern Madagascar communities in a situation of severe food insecurity. By engaging hundreds of students in planting trees to promote food availability and environmental resilience, this project aims to create a more sustainable future.
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Project Story

The spiny forest of southern Madagascar holds a vast array of species found nowhere else on earth. Though it is known worldwide as the only home for lemurs and a place of extraordinary biodiversity, Madagascar's environment is jeopardized as communities struggle with cycles of drought, cyclones and disease.


This project aims to promote a healthier environment and more resilient food system in the Androy region, where a high proportion of individuals face severe food insecurity. Despite some improvement since food donations and financial assistance launched in 2016 and 2017, the situation remains extremely worrisome, with “around seven out of ten households suffering from food insecurity and the rest of the population at risk” (FAO/WHO 2017, 33). The number of people in situations of severe and moderate food insecurity in the south and south-east of Madagascar is estimated at nearlly 2 million.


As Project Lead, an experienced, local Malagasy association known as “Tinoñe,” is working to provide sustainable solutions to the effects of climate change in the Androy Region. The project location is not currently in the scope of other aid organizations present.


The founder of Projects4Earth, Inc., Bridget Washburn, arrived in Madagascar as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2002. Though she provided her host community with much entertainment while sloshing around in rice paddies and making homemade peanut butter, she left the country wanting to contribute more. We all truly appreciate your time and consideration of this project and hope you will join the effort. Misoatra betsaka! (Thank You!)

Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

$ 1,500
Transport, labor, meetings, tools
$ 500
$ 2,000

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