Dockweiler Beach Cleanup

Los Angeles , California, United States
I recently heard that it's World Cleanup Day this Saturday, Sept. 21. I'm staying at Dockweiler RV park where there is some scattered trash on the beach and around the parking lot. Not too much but thought i'd at least do my part on World Cleanup Day. I could use a little help.
Andrew Malais
United States
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Project Story

I know we are all super busy trying to survive but if there is going to be one day this year we did something good for the planet, THIS IS THE DAY!!! If anyone has any spare time this Saturday and isn't going to be watching college football, i could use up to three people to help me between 10a - 2p at the beach in front of Dockweiler RV Park. I am offering 50 bucks to these three people plus lunch delivered. If you don't need the money, we can feed the homeless or donate it to another project on Projects For Good that could use a little love. Either way, lets clean up this beautiful Los Angeles Beach before this stuff get's eaten by a bird or blown into the ocean to be eaten by fish, dolphin or other sea animal!



Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for each stage of this project:

Stage 1
Stage 2
2 people to help
$ 100
4 trash grabbers, easier on the back
$ 80
$ 0
$ 180

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