Lā Kāhea Mural Project

Maui, Hawaii, United States
Hoaloha Farms and Winsome Williams of 808 Earthships have teamed up with local artists to create a community mural project that takes a deep dive into our sustainable future. The 40 foot mural will enhance the entrance of the farm, leading to their zero-wasted educational facility.
Lā Kāhea Community Education Farm
United States
Defined Goal
raised of $5,000 goal

Project Story

The Hoaloha Farms and 808 Earthship Mural Project 

We’re taking a deep dive into our sustainable future. As we penetrate the surface of the soil, we meet with festering wounds from many years of agricultural practices that violated nature - and our own nature. Can we ignore this pain and still move toward sustainability? Can we compost this pain into passion for pono practices? 
Yes we can! As we compost our pain, we’re also composting the industrial delusion that humans are separate from nature and she exists for us to commodify. The rich, dark soil being created by our composting is strengthening us to revere nature as our teacher, healer and highest self.

(birds eye view of educational facility at Hoaloha Farms)
Winsome Williams of 808 Earthships is teaming up with Hoaloha Farms to create a zero-waste, educational facility using up-cycled and repurposed materials. On the isthmus of Waikapu our 4 acre facility is part of the larger 300 acre farm that supplies a variety of Hawaiian crops to local markets and restaurants around the island. The facility will be used to host agricultural workshops, farm tours, kuì gatherings and will also be used as a shade structure for the farmers of Hoaloha Farms. The goal at Hoaloha Farms is to feed a nation, while honoring the natural cycles and rhythms of our island, but for the last 144 years, our farmland was exploited as a result of monocropping practices. It is therefore our kuliana to rebuild the biology on the farm in order to bring life back into the soil. The goal of 808 Earthships is then to provide support to conventional farmers transitioning back to regenerative agriculture. In September 2018, we are teaming up with local artists to create a mural that represents our vision. We hope this mural will continually inspire our Maui community to work towards our collective goal of food security. 
(farm view of Waikapu) 

Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

$ 1,000
Design and Project Planning
$ 2,000
Payment to 4 artists
$ 2,000
$ 5,000

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