Lā Kāhea Community Educational Farm

Waikapu, Hawaii, United States
Our zero-waste farm will serve as a community focused hub for education and positive change on Maui in the areas of cultural perpetuation, regenerative agriculture and zero-waste management. We believe in a future themed around reciprocity and giving back more than we take.
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Lā Kāhea Community Education Farm
United States
Flexible Goal
raised of $60,000 goal

Project Story


Lā Kāhea Community Educational Farm

regenerative agriculture, architectural upcycling, cultural perpetuation





The Lā Kāhea Educational Farm is being created to make a positive change in the agricultural community on Maui. Our approach requires a concerted effort on multiple fronts that include:


-Increasing soil health and nutrient cycling,

-Growing the global bee population,

-Promoting clean energy,

-Protecting wildlife,

-Developing sustainable food sources,

-Supporting biodiversity and

-Educating the people of Maui about traditional and modern methods of living sustainably.




“The focus of the fundraiser is to involve the community in feeding Hawai’i and loving Mother Earth at the same time,” Winsome Williams, project coordinator. “Once we’ve completed building, our farm continue to support organizations like the HFUU’s Farm Apprentice Mentor (FAM) Program, UHMC’s GoFarm Students, The Huliau Foundation’s Zero Waste Outreach Program, and The Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers just to name a few.”





We aspire to contribute to a positive future, we hope you do too!

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What do we mean by "aspiring zero-waste educational facility"? We aspire to set a positive example for those around us by taking accountability over our actions as consumers. At the Lā Kāhea Educational Farm, we take recycling one step further by creating conversation around innovative ways to reduce our waste stream as consumers. Our agricultural facility is inspired by Earthship designs and building techniques....meaning, we build our walls out of up-cycled glass bottle bricks, adobe, and rammed earth tires.



Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

Earthship Community Center
$ 25,000
- Restroom design and building
$ 0
- Weather proofing
$ 0
- Drinking water
$ 0
- Kitchen design and building
$ 0
Lā Kāhea Compost Operations
$ 30,000
- Skid steer loader
$ 0
- 4-Wheeler
$ 0
- Foliar sprayer for compost tea
$ 0
- Equipment/repair tractor
$ 0
- Compost sifter
$ 0
$ 5,000
$ 60,000

How you can help…

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