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The CrowdRelief platform helps survivors, volunteers and businesses respond to disasters in any community. When you have motivated citizens, nonprofits and businesses prepared to help locally in their own communities, disaster relief through a reliable framework such as CrowdRelief is imperative.
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Cajun Navy Foundation
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CrowdRelief is a disaster relief social network developed by the Cajun Navy Foundation (CNF).

CNF's founder, Rob Gaudet, created CrowdRelief after the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey.

He realized there was no platform for communities to collaborate on after a disaster. 


Through specialized apps, we connect non-profits, corporate brands, story tellers and good citizens

together to rebuild lives after disasters and help those in need everyday



CrowdRelief offers a vision for recovery, real time metrics and transparency for those who give. 





  • Replace lost household items through Crowdbuying. So, instead of just giving money donors can buy much needed household items for other people.
  • Collaborative home rebuilding. Non-profits that work together with volunteers track and share resources and schedules.
  • Volunteer(s) track and check-in through geo-fencing. Volunteers become story tellers by sharing photos and videos of what they are doing.
  • Disaster needs map. - Organically sourced needs appear on a map and the closest person who can help can meet that need.
  • LIVE activity feed automatically populated from each of the apps. Engages the public, provides measurement.



Each disaster offers survivors, citizens, non-profits and others the opportunities to work together.

  • Create a Non-Profit
  • Request Rescue
  • Rebuild a Home
  • Request Assistance
  • Request Supplies
  • Volunteer
  • Send Supplies
  • Donate
  • Track Recovery Progress




CrowdRelief was an invaluable tool during Hurricanes Florence and Michael, as well as the California fires and the recent tornado outbreaks and subsequent flooding from Nebraska to Louisiana.  Your support to CrowdRelief will ensure the development of this platform will continue to be enhanced for future disasters.  CrowdRelief has the ability to connect non-profits across the country who are all working towards the same purpose ... people helping people in times of need. 

Thank you for your support - Together we will accomplish great things!









-Use Of Funds -

All funds raised will be used to support future enhancements to the CrowdRelief platform.  We are strictly a volunteer ran organization and do not have the funds to hire programmers at this time.  These funds will allow us to hire programmer(s) to help make the program more robust and user-friendly.

Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

CrowdRelief Platform Enhancement
$ 5,000
$ 5,000

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