Bahamas Disaster Relief Power Tools Package

Florida, United States
In September 2019 Hurricane Dorian moved across the Atlantic hitting The Bahamas as the most intense tropical cyclone in the countries history. Wind and flooding damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes. Hope Fleet are dedicated to providing relief, repairing, and rebuilding homes and churches.
Hope Fleet International Inc
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Defined Goal
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Project Story

Hope Fleet was founded in response to the needs of vulnerable children—living in the Caribbean and Latin America—who lack essential supplies, medicine, and education needed for a healthy and full life. Due to geographical challenges, and the costly nature of petroleum-dependant ocean-shipping, many critical resources never make it to the children who so desperately need them. That's where we come in. Hope Fleet International provides medical, educational, and essential supplies via transportation that not only meet the geographical challenges, but also eco-friendly and cost effective. We are committed to providing impoverished communities with relevant short-term and long-term support, so these children can live life abundantly.


Bahamas Relief

Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 Hurricane, made landfall on the 1st of September as the largest storm on record to ever hit the islands of The Bahamas. Dorian battered the Bahamas for nearly 48 hours, leaving at least 60 people dead, and over 2,500 missing. Thousands of homes are destroyed and many are left homeless & without jobs. We have been making voyages and coordinating other vessels to carry necessary supplies since the storm.


Repair and Rebuilding

In our commitment to stay relevant to the current needs, we have recently launched "Phase 2" -Rebuilding. Many hurricane survivors are living together in homes that have significant damages to their roofs, exterior, and interior. Strong winds and ocean flooding has rendered many houses unsafe for inhabitants and they desperately need our help.


Power Tools

Power tools are essential to complete house projects and repairs. Your support for this project will provide us with the necessary tools that will not only help to rebuild a house, but a home.



Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

6 Gallon 1.5 HP 150 PSI Professional Air Compressor
$ 120
Air Tool Accessory Kit, 17 Pc.
$ 10
25 Ft. x 10 Gaugw Triple Tap Extension Cord
$ 39
21 Degree Angle Full Head Framing Air Nailer
$ 90
3/8 In. 50 Ft. PVC/Rubber Air Hose
$ 28
21 Degree 2-3/8 In. Galvanized Framing Nails Ring Shank 1,000 Pcs (5 @ $20/box)
$ 100
7-1/4 In. 13 Amp Professional Worm Drive Framing Saw
$ 120
100 Ft. x 14 Gauge Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord
$ 38
7-1/4 In. 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade (3 @ $6/each)
$ 18
7-1/4 In. 14OT Plywood Circular Saw Blade (3 @ $6.50 each)
$ 20
10 Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
$ 60
50 Ft. x 14 Gauge Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord
$ 20
9 in. 5 TPI Demolition Duty Reciprocating Blades, 4 Pk. (2 @ $13/each)
$ 26
Demo And Thin Kerf Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 12 Pc.
$ 20
Large Padded Mechanic Gloves (3 @ $10/each)
$ 30
3 Pc Adjustable Wrench Set
$ 9
1/2 In. x 43-1/2 Ft. Plumber's Thread Seal, 10 Pk.
$ 7
$ 755

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