The Joshua Tree Trash Map Project

Joshua Tree, California, United States
I started making an online interactive map of illegal dumpsites in Joshua Tree. This is the most cost/time efficient way to clean them all. I am raising money to pay for tools, and fuel/labor costs for people with the trucks and trailers needed to remove trash, recycleables and other waste. I AM DONATING $1 FOR EVERY $2 I RECEIVE!
Andrew Malais
United States
Defined Goal
raised of $1,500 goal

Project Story

I moved to Joshua Tree 4 years ago. I would drive all up and down this place exploring. I saw a lot of trash people had dumped. It was pretty bad. People either can't afford dump fees, or get paid to dump someones junk and just toss it while keep the money. Drug addiction can even play a role.

There are multiple cleaning groups out here and that's why I made a map. So we can clean it really fast. If I had 7 groups of 4 people each with a truck and 10-15 foot trailer, we could clean about 40-50 + trash sites in a a day or two. I am raising money to at least buy some equipment that we can use to remove smaller items like broken glass, porcelain, roofing, tile, bullet casings/shotgun shells, nails and other hardware, etc. I am also compesating gas up to 100 dollars per truck per day. I want people to get paid or at the very least not have to come out of pocket for cleaning someone elses mess. What i want to do is beyond volunteering. This is work. Hard work.





I am currently working with the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce to get a donation from Burrtec Waste Management for 1 or 2 large roll off containers to put the junk we collect in and properly dispose of and/or recycle it. Which means no dump fees!! 

Here's the interactive map of dozens of illegal dump sites in the city of Joshua Tree.

Interactive Trash Map


Please help me me on this mission to rid Joshua Tree of trash piles, junk and other debris. Afterwards, efforts can be moved outside of the Joshua Tree area and into Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Landers, and the rest of the Morongo Basin.





Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

Dump runs, gas, heavy equipment and tools (i.e. rakes, shovels, rolling magnets, gloves, etc.)
$ 2,500
$ 2,500

How you can help…