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The mission of The Sensible Vegan, LLC is to educate and inform the public about veganism through community outreach and educational materials.
Tabatha is an Atlanta vegan blogger, activist, an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and the founder of The Sensible Vegan. She is a wife, mother, and vegan children's book author. She became vegan overnight in 2016 after watching Vegucated and never looked back! Tabatha is an avid researcher and loves reading, creating vegan recipes and watching educational documentaries regarding food, nutrition, and protecting animals. She has also been featured in Mother's Against Dairy, Black Vegans Rock, One Minute Vegan, Health Magazine, Woman's World Magazine, and PETA. Tabatha was a speaker at the 2018 Cleveland Vegfest, the largest festival in the Midwest with over 13,000 attendees. Her children's book was featured at Atlanta Veg Fest and the first annual Macon Vegans Vegan Holiday Festival & Market in Macon, GA. She describes herself as a "sensible vegan" with a mission to educate and inspire others to explore a plant based, whole foods diet and advocate to keep all animals free from harm.


Parenting Panel
In May 2018 I was a featured speaker and panelist at The Cleveland Vegfest in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Atlanta Vegfest 2019
My daughter and I did two readings of my children's book at the children's corner.
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Macon Vegan Festival
I was a speaker and also did a book reading with my daughter at the Macon Vegan Festival and Holiday Market in December 2019 in Macon, GA.
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My vegan story was featured in Health Magazine, Woman's World, Mother's Against Dairy, abd Black Vegans Rock, and my proudest moments have been publishing my first vegan children's book and being able to do book readings with my daughter at various festivals and events.
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