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Our project is a step toward a solution to save Bali from an outrage of unmanaged waste, while providing support for sustainable farming practices.
I retired from a career in organic farming in California over twenty years ago to live in Bali. Since I first came to Bali three decades ago, tourism development and the introduction of single use plastics has spurred a tremendous waste management debacle on this small island. As Bali has been a charming and calming influence upon the rough life that I came from, it dawned on me that it would be graceful to do something that gave back. 

My roots directed me to mountains of tropical green waste that is compounding Bali's garbage problem many times over. Roughly four years ago, I started Bali Compost Crafters along with my partner, Oliver Mauger, on our own limited budget, to show the value of what was being thrown away. We have established a working example, incorporating mechanized large-scale composting techniques, that I believe can massively reduce the burden on Bali's strained waste management infrastructure by concentrating on the less immediate pay off from green waste recycling. 

The additional benefits we have been rewarded with include providing a very high quality product that can support sustainable farming practices and help to re-educate the local farmers who have become over-reliant and disappointed with subsidized chemical fertilizers, as well as restoring life to damaged and problem soil types necessary to boost a lagging supply of local produce and retain water in the face of Bali's ongoing water crisis.
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BCC Organic Compost, Rainforest Mulch and Topsoil Mix (20kg bags)

All products are well-finished, balanced and nutrient rich pure organic compost and topsoil mixes, designed specifically for problem soil types typically found in many areas of Bali and to provide a reliable alternative to chemical fertilizers widely used by local farmers.
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