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We focus on environmental education to diverse communities through sports, tech, and play. Our latest project uses comic books to educate all.
People in the most underserved communities both nationally and internationally are generally left out of the solution based conversations regarding the environment. Simultaneously, they are impacted by the effects of climate change the most. It is our belief that education of the youth on practical lifestyle changes will move us all, united, towards a better planet. 
As global citizens, we want to empower those who are left out of the conversation or unreached to become agents of change. When national disasters such as hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico and St Marteen hit, it was the poor people who were paychecks away from becoming homeless who were displaced and left destitute. But on the global scale, we all know that money and our means will not prevent us from being next.
It takes EVERYONE's participation to move the needle towards sustainability. Leaving people out of the conversation is NOT an option.  Through football, our comic Gridiron Green, environmental workshops,  gamification and fun, we've been able to reach people across all demographics.
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Gridiron Green in Partnership with UNICEF
In 2018, OMF launched Gridiron Green, a STEM and sustainability comic book developed in partnership with UNICEF. The comic storyline was developed around the United Nations “ 17 Sustainable Development Goals” and focused on Sustainable Goal 15: Life on Land.
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Football and Eco-Education Clinics
OMF Green Camps are run on the power of sport. Sports inspire, unite, and empower everyone. Our clinics teach dedication and commitment to a healthy body, mind, and planet.
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