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We respond to the requests of communities that are struggling with declining marine or terrestrial resources.


OceansWatch was established as a registered Charitable Trust in 2007 by Chris Bone and a group of sailors and environmentalists. They saw an opportunity for people who were sailing the world’s oceans to give something back to the islanders whose homes and reefs they visited and wanted to facilitate this. A Board of Trustees overseas the management of the organisation. OceansWatch works in partnership with coastal communities to develop conservation action plans, sustainable livelihood projects and help communities mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. We use our own project lead yachts and member’s cruising yachts to provide transport and human resources. In addition we utilise the skills of qualified divers and graduates in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, and other appropriate fields to strengthen the yacht based teams.

We respond to the requests of communities that are struggling with declining marine or terrestrial resources. We help them through resourcing, empowering and facilitating processes to implement locally managed protected areas to protect their biodiversity.
We also support their sustainable livelihood projects by providing advice and resources and deliver workshops to help communities adapt to the effects of climate change. 
We are keen to facilitate the means by which sailors can join with us to make a difference to the communities they visit.
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OceansWatch overview
This video provides a brief overview of the organisation. OceansWatch has been working in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands since 2007. Due to dangers for our volunteers we stopped working in PNG in 2012. Our main focus over the last few years has been in north Vanuatu and the remote eastern part of the Solomon Islands called Temotu Province. We concentrate their because this is where we were invited and the need is strongest.
OceansWatch has been working in this area of the Solomon Islands since 2009. We have a registered Solomon Islands charity that has directors from the Islands where we are undertaking this project. Two directors are from Nende Island, Ruddy Oti is a paralegal who is a specialist in customary land tenure and Barnabas Bago is a senior member of the Solomon Islands REDD+ team so is our local Carbon Trading specialist. Our social scientist, responsible for socioeconomic surveying, monitoring and evaluation and ensuring Free Prior Informed Consent is Josefien de Ridder and our environmental scientist is Eryn Hooper, both well qualified and experienced in their fields. Overall manager of this project is Chris Bone, our CEO who works for 3-6 months in Nende every year.