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Executive Director of Lynker Technologies' Sustainable Pacific Program, moving Hawai'i toward more sustainable and resilient practices.<...


I wrote a job description for myself, and Lynker Technologies, an incredibly forward-thinking company, picked me up as the Executive Director of a new division of their company, the Sustainable Pacific Program. My job is to move Hawai'i toward more sustainable and resilient practices. So far that has involved composting projects large and small, from 300+ tons a year at the University of Manao to 100 lbs a day at local schools. I am involved with solar powered micro-grids for homeless shelters to cleaning a polluted bay on O'ahu (yes even in Hawai'i bays get polluted). Soon we will be moving into agricultural projects, water management and other sustainable and resiliency producing activities. The work is incredibly satisfying, and the location is badly in need of repair. While most consider Hawai'i a pristine ecosystem of natural beauty, the fact is we have all the issues of a major city compounded by the remote location and reality of being an island state. Hawai'i may never be completed detached from the umbilical cord of the mainland, but we need to become more resilient and self-sufficient, as recent occurrences in Puerto Rico and American Samoa have shown. 

I've done a fair bit in my life, from running a recording studio in NYC, a 3D computer animation facility in South Florida, President of an Applied Arts college to becoming an author, it's been a blast. At this stage in my life, I wanted to give back while still being able to enjoy time with my kids, and maybe even teach them something of value. This Sustainable Pacific Project has provided all of that and more. The incredible people I get to work with, the places I get to go and the importance and impact these projects can have on the local community are priceless.
The mission is to build "Networked Supply Chains for Sustainability," which means creating end-to-end solutions by leveraging the expertise of existing organizations. In business, supply-chain management is the key to your cash flow, the lifeblood of your business. But in the non-profit world, most foundations do not want to fund a series of organizations, even though that's what it takes to tackle the problems we face today. Climate change, food shortages and power outages brought on by increasingly devastating storms are issues too big for any one organization, no matter how well funded and experienced. It will take multiple organizations, a supply chain of manufacturers, service providers, educational facilities, problem solves and implementation management to address these evolving problems. I am proud to bring these people, these experts together to create the solutions we need.
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Executive Director, Sustainable Pacific Program
Building Networked Supply Chains for Sustainability. Creating end-to-end solutions by leveraging the expertise of existing organizations.


University of Maimi
MBA | Business Administration/Management
2000 - 2002