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A nonprofit charitable foundation for religious, scientific, and educational purposes, formed to protect and further develop the intellectual prope...
Ionic Alliance Foundation, Inc. (IAF) a non-profit charitable foundation for religious, scientific, and educational purposes, formed to protect and further develop the intellectual property (IP) as well as direct the distribution of said IP in an attempt to help as many people as possible. This private operating foundation markets for charitable donations to distribute funds to its own programs that exist for research and charitable purposes. 

The strategic goals for IAF are to: 

  • Make a collective impact that creates a massive statistical change. 
  • Create social innovation to combat disease and the cost of. 
  • Raise funding for the mission. 
  • Advance existing research on human and animal benefits. 
  • Collaborate with academic, nonprofit, for-profit, research and science. 
  • Fight infectious diseases. 
  • Create cancer prevention. 
  • Combat autoimmune diseases. 
  • Develop oxidative stress reduction therapies. 
  • Establish human and animal wellness. 


To empower people to enhance health and minimize disease by making the science behind Ion Biotechnology available worldwide at a reasonable cost.


The IAF Vision of 2020: A 20% Reduction in Global Disease by the End of the 21st Century

100% Giving Returns
20% Reduction of Disease

Change is disruptive, and innovation is awareness, while profits create greed. All contribute to health or disease.


Patent Development

We are a charitable foundation formed to protect and further develop Ion Biotechnology Intellectual Property (IP) as well as direct the distribution of said IP to help as many people as possible.


Development and Grant Projects - Develop a multitude of delivery systems to cut clinical administrative requirements. - Cationic delivery of nutrition through topical, oral and injectable administration. - Establish Studies on optimum cellular signaling through nutritional balances. - Establish Studies on the reduction of Oxidative Stress - Delivery cellular regenerative therapies. - Deliver Lyme and pathological solutions. - Develop Oncology solutions. - Develop Autoimmune Disorder solutions.


Ion Biotechnology is a family of therapeutic technologies using ions including ionic metals. These ionic technologies are theorized to target cells that do not follow the full Krebs metabolic cycle. This may include cancer cells, bacteria, and other pathogens. Lab research on MoA’s, ionic combinations and formulations to combat disease.


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