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We help the homeless and less fortunate brothers and sisters in our backyards. We provide them sanitary kits, shoes, clothes and backbags 4 kids
I started in 2016 when my daughter who by then was living in Africa refused to recieve shoes as her Christmas present and instead asked me to donate them to the homeless in my area. I went to my closet and then to my job and asked my co-workers for shoes. In 3 months we collected 1500 pairs of shoes, which we donated to the less fortunate and homeless in our area.  The next year we continued with the collection and numbers increased to thousands of shoes. Right now we have a warehouse in Freeland which was also donated to us. I grew up in Africa, in poverty,after the loss of my parents to Aids.  My background is the foundation of my work today. I know what it is not to have a roof, food or shoes on your feet.  In the last 4 months we have managed to help 3 homeless people get apartments and jobs. We have  helped 3 others to renew their  IDs so that they can get jobs. We also provide them with resourceful info such as AA meetings, shelters and most lmportantly build a relationship with them.
Here are some of our programs on facebook
1. #Hand4Hazle
2. #Hand4Philly
3. #Friendscanmakeithappen
4. #Shareanextrapair and many more.
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Or call us at 570-636-1383
Thank you for your time.

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Give away of winter items to the homelss of Hazleton area.
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I got shoes on my feet. I am collection for the homeless and the less fortunate families.
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Tire made sandals.
We are raising fund help buy sandals for the people of Karamoja Northen Uganda.
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