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CASSE works to advance steady state economics: educating on stable population and sustainable consumption for well-being of earth's citizens.
CASSE is the lone organization worldwide dedicated to explicitly advancing Steady State Economics.  It is no wonder that prominent figures such as Pulitzer Prize winner E.O. Wilson, World renowned Primatologist Jane Goodall, MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Former senior UN adviser Maude Barlow, science broadcaster David Suzuki and others have signed onto the CASSE position which acknowledges, in short, that there a real, biophysical limits to economic growth. 

CASSE offers a positive solution to our economic and ecological predicament – a steady state economy provides a hopeful way to achieve sustainability and equity in an increasingly constrained world. To tell the truth about economic growth and promote the steady state economy, CASSE engages volunteers around the world, from regional directors to collaborators on outreach. CASSE also works closely with economists and scientists to build a foundation of support for the transition to a steady state economy. In addition, CASSE develops and distributes a variety of information resources on concepts related to the steady state economy.

The more extended position of CASSE is developed throughout which includes presentations, interviews, briefing papers and the Steady State Herald blog. Here you will find many works by CASSE staff and affiliates.  Key among these, is Herman Daly, Professor and ex-senior economist at the world bank who has won numerous significant awards and has been the key figure in the development of the field of Ecological Economics, Steady-State Economics, as well as the Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare. Other key contributors include CASSE Executive director, author, conservation biologist and Professor, Brian Czech, and renowned environmental advocate Brent Blackwelder.



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Development of Curricula (Curriculums)
Assisted the Ukrainian National Forest University in the development of an Ecological Economics Curriculum. And steady state economics courses for the Virginia Tech National Capital Region.
Assisted Bolivia in efforts "Harmony With Nature"
CASSE assisted Bolivia in the development of 'Harmony with Nature'. This proposal, created with participation from the United Nations Earth Summit, 2012, was approved by the UN General Assembly. Clause 6. begins: "It is essential to recognize and affirm that growth has limits..."
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Building a Steady-State Coalition
CASSE has developed a position on Steady-State Economics which has been translated into 24 languages. In addition to gaining 13,000 individual signatures, CASSE has led the movement among Scientific Professional Societies (eg. the wildlife society, society for conservation biology, mammologists).
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As an educational non-profit, some of CASSE's highlights include:
-The development of CASSE curriculum in institutions of higher education.
-The success of an accepted UN resolution acknowledging limits to growth advanced by Bolivia.
-The successful production of the LEEDS Conference and Fenner conference.
-The success of published books such as "Enough is Enough" and "Supply Shock"
-100+ conference invitations and presentations.
-Support and alliance with prominent organizations and change leaders.
-Myriad articles in publications such as "Encyclopedia of Earth", "Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems", "The Huffington Post" and "Science".
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