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AZUSA, California, United States

You can't go back to change the beginning but I can start where I am and change my ending!


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Always Protected" will keep drivers and passengers safe and secure. Always Feeling safe is the key when your in a ride share vehicle. Always Prote...
 I have climb many mountains in my life time  as I am sure many of us have but never have I came across such devastation as we all are seeing now. When ever something is not working or not operating to help and protect others. I know there is an answer, I know that there is a better way. I often build project in my mind, I need to get it out of my mind and bring it to reality. I will not gave up on this project because I know this is the only way I can help the world is to realize I can do what others have done to help change the world and if others can do great things I can and I will do greater things. I will reach out to all and every one that is willing to help me.  when this invention is completed it will change the world in making people feel safe and protected. With Always  Protected we can help and keep the ride sharing community safe especially the women in our lives. 

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