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I am an American who is tired of seeing all this injustice and pollution in my country and around the globe.
   I come from a surfing, skateboarding beach community in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The beach is where my heart belongs. Our oceans are so consumed with plastic that it breaks my heart. This is one of the main reason why i'm here on projects for good. I want to create my own projects to help clean up our beaches and oceans clean as well as provide services to other projects with the same goals. 
   I'm also a technology junkie. I love learning about all the fascinating inventions for solving our climate crisis we are in. Have you heard of pyrolysis and gasification? I can talk about that for hours. I could go door to door like the avon lady. Look it up if you haven't heard about it, Pyrolysis is a way to remove plastics from our environment with the least amount of emissions. It could create fuels that could in turn create energy. And gasification is a way to turn biomass and human fecal waste into active biochar to put back in our soil, thus sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and keeping it in the dirt and plants where it belongs.
   I also enjoyed being an organic farmer. It is a unique reward, this feeling of taking a tiny seed and turning it into food. The science behind this whole process is the source of our worlds breathable air. Mind Blowing. I know that the #1 way to manage CO2 in our atmosphere is to sequester the carbon back into the dirt like i mentioned above. This is done with organic farming practices. Especially permaculture and aquaponic farms. I would love to help with any project in my area having to do with organic farming. We really need to be teaching our youth. I would like to see more projects in the world teaching our youth about sustainable farming and sustainability in general.
   To save the best for last, I would like to help solve homelessness. There are many tiers and sub-tiers to homelessness. From the couch surfer to the guy in the street yelling at nothing. I know this because i was homeless from 17-27 before i figured it out and found health and success more enticing. I'm 37 now. I have insight on this crisis that one wouldn't have unless they experienced a long period of homelessness. I'm not talking about living in your car, I'm talking about giving up after years of failed attempts at getting off the streets. And then what it takes to break the bad habits that get one deep in that hole in the first place. It's not easy, but boy is it worth it. And now that i'm out of that hole, i would love to turn around and reach out a helping hand to as many as i can. Just picture this hole. At the bottom is the people who talk to themselves and almost out are the couch surfers. If you are outside of the hole, you can only help the couch surfers because they are the only ones you can reach. So the ones with extreme mental damage at the bottom can only be helped by the tier ahead of them. And that is how we are going to end homeless.
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Disaster Relief Template Project Builder
This is a Generator Project for disaster relief that I made. I will be making many more


Mira Costa High School
High School Diploma | General Education
1996 - 2000
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