Frequently Asked Questions

How does Projects for Good work?

By starting a project, providing services or products, or donating to a project, your involvement supports the mission of our growing community: to make an impact locally and globally.

In a typical crowdfunding model, there are really just two types of participants: the project owner and the donor. While this model provides project owners with access to a global community for fundraising efforts, it provides little to no support for the implementation and execution of the project. This limits the scope and scale of projects to the reach and resources of the project owner and their personal network. 

Projects for Good introduces a third participant into the model, the service provider. Service providers are local certified partners with the resources in place to execute part or all of the project. The role of the service providers is to provide materials, technologies, or labor required for the project. Adding service providers into the equation increases chances of successful project implementation, helps to boost local economies, and allows anyone to initiate an impactful project regardless of their location, skill set, or available resources.

By leveraging the power of community to not only fund a project but also to facilitate its implementation, Projects for Good helps social causes maximize their impact.


Why should I use Projects for Good?

If you want to be part of a global community that is collaborating to create a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable world, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can get involved:

If you want to start a project:
If you have an idea for a project, like building a shallow well to provide your town with water, or if you have a project in operation that needs to expand, like an urban farming operation in your city, we want to help! We put your project fundraiser on the global stage and help you raise the funds you need to make your project a reality, whether it’s just an idea or already operational. We also connect you with product and service providers to help you with implementation. Simply list jobs that will help you complete your project, and service providers will submit bids, allowing you to select the best candidate. As a project owner, there is no better platform that provides you with all the tools you'll need to see your project through, from beginning to end.

If you want to list your products or services:
If you offer a service or product that could help bring a project to life, we’d love to get you involved. Building out your profile will help connect you with project owners in need of services, and allow you to competitively bid on any jobs they need completed, like providing labor to help build a shallow well or providing planter boxes to an urban farming operation. If you bid on a job and are accepted, you can easily establish job milestones and compensation amounts with the project owner. Then you can get paid directly through the platform as you complete the work for each job milestone.

If you want to donate to a project:
If you want to put your money towards a cause that will have a real impact on a community, without a bureaucratic middle-man, we’ve got you covered! 


What is a project fundraiser?

A project fundraiser is a way for anyone to raise money for the causes they are most passionate about. If you have a great idea, or an existing project that needs a little financial support, you can start a project today!


Why start a project fundraiser?

Creating a project fundraiser on Projects for Good leverages our growing network for greater reach and exposure, making it easier to get your project in front of interested parties and give them more ways to support your goal. The Projects for Good platform provides you with a way to tell your story, and connect you with people who may otherwise never have found you. By sharing what inspired you to start your project and why it is an important cause, you are able to build a community around your idea.


Why should I list jobs for my project?

One of the best parts of creating a project on Projects for Good is that you have access to a network of product and service providers who are prepared to help you with whatever it is your project needs. When you create your project, you can list jobs that you need completed. Simply provide the job details, requirements, and compensation range, and interested service providers can submit their bid. 

As the project owner, you can review these bids and select the best candidate for the job. Making an impact has never been easier!


How do jobs work?

Project owners can post jobs for tasks that are required to complete their project. Jobs may be paid or unpaid and can range from providing labor, materials, technologies, or knowledge. Projects may have multiple jobs or no jobs at all depending on the needs of the project and the project owner’s own capabilities. All the details of the job can be found in the job listing, found on the project page, including a description of the job, location, delivery date, how much they are willing to pay, application deadline, and any specific requirements. 

When a job is created it is assigned a service category, which helps qualified service providers find it more easily. Once the project has been submitted, approved, and posted to the platform, interested service providers can submit bids. In their bid, service providers propose job milestones and a cost for each. The bids get sent to the project owner for review. Project owners will consider the credibility, rating, and reviews of service providers, along with the detail of their bid and their proposed cost for each milestone, when making a decision on who to accept for the job. 

When the project owner accepts a bid, all other bids are rejected. A job begins when the project owner funds the first milestone. Funds are held in an escrow account for the duration of the milestone until both parties agree that the milestone has been completed, at which point the funds are transferred to the service provider.

The job is considered complete once all milestones have been completed. Both parties are encouraged to write reviews and provide one another with a rating. This helps to reward service providers who provide great service, and those that are the best at what they do will continue to benefit while helping project owners bring their impactful projects to life.


Are international donations accepted?

Yes! Donors can donate from any country around the world, using any of the 135 supported currencies. If you are attempting to make a donation and need a little help, please contact our support team by emailing [email protected].


How do I edit details of my project?

You can edit the details of your project at any time before submitting your project for review. All of your projects are saved on your dashboard under the My Projects tab. Select the incomplete project to open and edit project details. When you have finished editing the project details and have filled out all required fields, you may submit the project for review.


How do I report a fraudulent project?

We take measures to ensure all projects listed on our platform are truthful and attempt to have a positive impact on the world. We believe we can create a community built on trust, collaboration, and helping others. Occasionally, there are attempts to take advantage of the generosity of others, and we take this very seriously.

To report a project that you believe is fraudulent in nature, you can email us directly at [email protected]. In your email, please include the name of the project, name of the project owner, a link to the project page, and a written description as to why you believe the project is fraudulent. Our team will investigate the issue and take the appropriate action.


Who can start a project on Projects for Good?

The ability to start a project is currently available to individuals and organizations in the US and Canada who meet the requirements below:

  • You are 18 years of age. (If you are under 18, you will need someone over 18 to help you get your project set up. They will need to provide verification documents, banking information, and assume responsibility for the completion of the project.)
  • You are a permanent resident of the US or Canada.
  • You have an address, bank account, and government-issued ID based in the country that you’re creating a project in.
  • You are creating a project in your name or on behalf of a registered legal entity with which you are affiliated.
  • If you’re managing your project as an individual, the bank account you provide must belong to the person who verified their identity for the project.
Why do you charge a fee?

We strive to provide the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective way for people to bring their impactful projects to reality. In exchange, we charge a small fee on payments to help our team continue to provide you with the best support and further improve your experience. We are completely transparent about our fees, and will always display them to you before you make a donation.


What happens after I submit my project for approval?

Once you submit your project for approval, our team will review your project. While your project is awaiting approval, you won’t be able to edit or delete it. Once your project has been reviewed, we will notify you of our decision by email. Unfortunately, not all projects are suited for the Projects for Good platform. But if everything looks good, we’ll post your project to the platform and you can start receiving donations. Sometimes a project just needs a few minor adjustments made before we can approve it. If this happens, we’ll let you know by email and return the project to you for edits. You can then make the changes to your project and re-submit it.


How much can I raise on Projects for Good?

The minimum fundraising goal for a project is $100 USD and there is no maximum. You specify the amount you wish to raise when you set up your project. We encourage choosing an attainable funding goal, as you must raise at least 80% of your goal by the end of the funding period to receive the funds. Your funding goal and funding period cannot be changed once your project goes live. 

There are two types of fundraisers, single stage and multi stage. Single stage fundraisers can last anywhere from 1 -  80 days, which is more than enough time for most projects. In fact, we find that projects with shorter fundraisers actually have a higher success rate, as it helps to create a sense of urgency. If you’re concerned that 80 days may not be enough time to raise the amount you need, consider choosing a multi stage project instead. Multi stage projects are ideal for larger projects with higher funding goals because it gives you multiple 80-day periods to fundraise.


What should I consider when setting my funding goal?

We encourage project owners to spend some time researching all costs involved in completing their project prior to launching it. Your funding goal should be the minimum amount you need to complete your project. Once your project has launched, the funding goal and funding period cannot be changed.

It can be helpful to list all the materials, resources, labor, and other expenses you’ll need to complete your project, along with the estimated cost for each. It shows potential donors that you have carefully thought about how you will execute your project. If you require certain expertise to complete your project, check out our network of service providers.


Can I raise more than my funding goal?

Projects that use the flexible funding model can raise more than the funding goal, projects that use the defined goal funding model can't. We believe that some projects will benefit from funding regardless of what they raise, while other projects need all the funds or else they can't complete their project. We want project owners to be able to choose which works best for their project! 


How do I get the funds that I raise?

If your project uses the flexible funding model any funds raised will be transfered into your account on a weekly basis. If your project uses the defined model goal and your project fundraiser is successful in reaching 80% or more of its funding goal, the funds raised will be transferred to the bank account you provided to us within 5-7 days of the project end date. Please note that multi-stage projects always use the defined goal model. Please also note that you must have filled out your bank account information to receive funds!


How do I set up a project and start fundraising?

We love to see new members and projects get started! Sign up and then choose the Start a Project option in your Dashboard.

Creating a project follows a few basic steps:

  1. Project Overview: Here you are able to fill in the basics of your project. Enter a title for your project, a brief description, an eye-catching photo or video, and other details like project location and category. Once you’re finished, select ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed.
  2. Fundraising Details: If your project requires funding, select ‘Yes’. Next, select the fundraising model you wish to use. You can chooose from a flexible funding model, a defined funding model, or multi-stage project. You can read on our blog about which fundraising model is right for you.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Here you can provide answers to common questions that you anticipate. You can add as many as you like and you can always add more later. Once you are finished, select ‘Save and Continue’.
  4. Jobs: If you require specific skills or expertise to complete your project, you may want to consider hiring a service provider through the platform. We make it easy to find the talent you need. Just create a job, provide the details, and include any requirements that candidates must have. You can add multiple job listings if necessary. You also have the ability to add jobs in the future, so if you don’t have all of the information ready yet, select ‘No’ to skip this section. Once you are finished adding jobs, select ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed.
  5. Story: Write a more detailed description of your project, customize the style of your text, and add photos and videos to help tell the unique story of your project to potential donors and service providers. Once you are happy with the presentation of your project story, select ‘Save and Preview Project’.
  6. Preview Project: Preview what your project will look like once it’s posted live on the platform. This is your chance to make sure you didn’t miss any details that are vital to your mission. To edit any information, select the ‘Back’ button at the top of the page. Once you are ready to submit your project for review, select ‘Submit Project’. If you missed anything, we’ll let you know how to fix it.

Once you’ve agreed to the Projects for Good Privacy Policy, select ‘Yes, Submit my Project’. If you haven’t joined Projects for Good, you will be required to create an account in order to submit your project. 


The project I donated to was not successful. Will I be refunded?

It depends! We host projects that have flexible goals or defined goals, this is picked by the project owner when they set up their project. You can see this detail on the project page.

With the flexible funding model, the project owner is committing to using the funds regardless of how much they raise. So you will not be refunded.

With the defined goal funding model, the project owner needs that amount to be successful. So if a defined goal project does not reach at least 80% of its funding goal by the end of the fundraising period your money will be refunded. If your payment to any stage of a multi-stage project fundraiser that does not reach at least 80% of its funding goal by the end of the stage’s fundraising period will be refunded. Please note that all multi-stage projects are defined goal projects by default.

Your donation may also be refunded prior to the end of the fundraising period if the project is removed or terminated by Projects for Good for any reason.


How long can a project fundraiser last?

It depends on your project. A flexible funding project fundraiser can continue indefinitely. 

A defined goal project fundraiser must raise at least 80% of its funding goal within 80 days from its start date. Multi-stage project fundraisers are broken into a series of stages, and are defined goals by nature-each stage must reach at least 80% of its goal within 80 days from its start date. If your project does not reach at least 80% of its funding goal, donations will be refunded. And if you want to try again, we make it easy to edit and relaunch a project.



What is Projects for Good?

Projects for Good is a community that was designed to bring together the people and resources necessary to solve our world's social, economic, and environmental issues. 

Projects for Good helps anyone initiate, manage, and complete any project that helps the greater good. We believe successful projects require the proper operational tools and community support, and we offer both!


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