What is Projects for Good?
by Michelle from Projects for Good
Published on March 28, 2018

This article was updated on March 14, 2019 to reflect current features and processes.

Projects for Good is a small, socially-minded organization that was formed to empower people by connecting them with the resources they need to have a meaningful impact in the causes they are passionate about. Through our online platform, we bring together the ideas, finances, resources, and people necessary to solve our world's greatest social, economic, and environmental issues.

We support humanitarian projects of all kinds, whether it’s a new project or an ongoing project that just needs a final push.

Projects for Good community members collaborate as donors, project owners or service providers to create, finance and implement humanitarian projects. We welcome all levels of involvement! Some member enjoy donating to causes they are passionate about, others have the time to start projects. Our service providers are here to provide expertise and services.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we stay involved long after the fundraiser ends to see the project through.

Many crowdfunding platforms can help you raise money, but once the fundraiser ends you’re on your own. With this model there is no accountability; donors are often left wondering how their donation was used and what kind of impact it had. The other disadvantage is that this model provides no support for the execution of the project. This limits the scope and scale of projects to the reach and resources of the project owner and their personal network.

With Projects For Good, fundraising is just the first step. Once you’ve raised enough money, we help you implement your project, even if that project is on the other side of the world. Our global network of service providers are there to provide the knowledge, materials, technology, labor, and anything else you need to make your project a reality. We make it easy to find the right service provider. Just post a job, review applicants and their bids, and hire them right on the platform. And once your project is underway, the donors who donated to your cause can track your progress and see the impact of their contribution. It’s really that easy!

We believe that providing access to a global service provider network is really a paradigm shift in the world of cause-based giving. In the same way that the introduction of crowdfunding allowed anyone with an idea to raise money, access to a service provider network allows anyone with an idea to make their project a reality, regardless of their location, skillset, or resources.

If you have a good cause, join Projects for Good for free today.