Project Execution: Hiring a Service Provider
by Michelle from Projects for Good
Published on March 28, 2018

This article was updated on March 14, 2019, to reflect current features and processes.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Projects for Good connects project owners with service providers who can help them finish thier project. Service providers are people or organizations with the resources in place to execute part or all of the project. You can hire service providers for skilled labor, legal advice, products, or anything else you need to realize your project’s goals.

When setting up your project, you’ll decide whether you need to hire service providers to help execute the project. How do you know if you need service providers? Ask yourself if the project is something that can be done yourself. For example, if you are raising money to buy sanitation and cleanliness supplies for your local school, you most likely can go purchase the items yourself. Other projects will need help tobuild a greenhouse, or maintain the plants. That’s where our Service Provider Network comes in. You might need to hire service providers for any number of reasons. Maybe your project will be implemented in a different country or requires a special skill set, like building a well. Whatever the reason might be, service providers are here to bid on jobs, or you can search a directory of providers.


1. Post a Job

When you create your project, you can list the jobs that you need help with to complete your project. Here you’ll describe the details of the job, the location, the delivery date, how much you are willing to pay, and any other requirements. You can add a specific ‘Service’ category to help attract and match your project with service providers that specialize in the services you need. You’ll also need to set a bid submission deadline. The deadline depends on your project schedule, but a general rule of thumb is to set a deadline sometime soon after your funding period ends. That way you won’t waste any time between fundraising and implementation.

You can post one or many jobs depending on your project needs.

2. Browse Service Providers

When the project is submitted, approved, and posted to the platform, interested service providers can submit bids. You can browse service provider profiles to see their ratings, reviews, and more. An easy way to narrow your search is by filtering service providers by location, service, and project interest. If you think a service provider would be a good fit for your job, you can invite them to submit a bid. Service providers can also browse the platform in search of projects with open jobs that match the services/products they offer and submit a bid without an invitation.

3. Review Bids

In their bid, service providers create job milestones and propose a cost for each.  A clearly defined set of milestones helps set expectations and prevent miscommunication between you and your service provider. Milestones also help you as the project owner track the progress of the project. When making a decision on who to accept for the job, consider the credibility, rating, and reviews of each service provider, along with the detail of their bid and their proposed cost for each milestone.

4. Accept a Bid

To hire a service provider, you accept their bid. If you like a service provider but you’re unsure about their proposed milestones, let them know and ask if they would consider revising the milestones and resubmitting their bid. Once you have accepted a service provider’s bid, the bidding period ends and the job listing is taken down.

5. Get Started!

With your dream team assembled, you’re almost ready to get started. But before your service provider begins working on their first milestone, you’ll need to pre-fund the payment for that milestone into an escrow account. When both you and the service provider consider a milestone complete, the funds will be transferred to the service provider.

After all milestones are completed, the job is considered complete. Both parties are encouraged to write reviews and provide one another with a rating. This helps to reward service providers who provide great service, and those that are the best at what they do will continue to benefit while helping project owners bring their humanitarian Projects to life.