Is a green job in your future?
by Maimoona from Projects for Good
Published on February 19, 2019

Green jobs are on the rise, is it the right career for you?

Here at Projects for Good, we are always thinking about issues concerning sustainability and how we can ensure that the earth will be healthy for future generations. You can see pollution around you and read about the need to reduce waste, but we know it can be hard to implement sustainability solutions personally. We encourage anyone who wants to be part of the solution to consider projects that directly impact themselves or their community.  Collecting plastic to re-use for art projects at schools, building a community garden, or organizing a clean up are all within reach for even the most inexperienced project owner. In day to day life, we recommend small steps, such as reducing your plastic use or taking a shorter shower. However, in this post we explore another exciting step: why not help the planet while bettering YOUR future with a career in sustainability?

Green jobs are rapidly gaining popularity and the outlook is bright. By getting into any of the fastest growing green jobs, you can make a positive impact AND play your role in preserving our planet, all while building a life for yourself.

There are two ways in which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has defined Green Jobs.


  1. The goods or services provided by jobs or businesses are either beneficial for the environment or preserve natural resources.
  2. The kinds of jobs in which workers’ duties include making sure that their company production processes are more eco-friendly and use minimum natural resources.


The best part of attempting to break into the green job market is that it’s an untapped job market. Experience in customer service, construction, or project management can translate into a new career. We offer some ideas below so that you can start thinking about how your current knowledge could be applied to a green job that suits you best. Or start brainstorming what education and training you might need to land your dream career in sustainability!

The green industry covers a wide range of environmentally friendly jobs in different sectors. You can take a quick look at some of them below.


Recycling Businesses

Individuals and businesses all over the world are now actively participating in greener practices. Many communities are improving their recycling options, with large-scale recycling programs expanding across the United States. Recycling businesses are trying to catch up with this sudden growth and hiring is strong for these jobs. Hence, this could be a great place to start if you are thinking about entering into the green job market.

This is, in fact, one of the most rapidly-growing areas of the green job market according to National Geographic. This job requires no special education or degree.


Solar, Wind, and Wave Energy

A hot topic on websites such as National Geographic and The Best Schools is related to green jobs in the department of solar, wind, and wave energy. The latter contains a list of ranked professions that are predicted to grow fastest over the next decade or so. The jobs present at the top of the list require some training and education but the time is a good investment considering the growing field and stability.


  • Solar Photovoltaic Installers: The usage of solar cells is increasing everywhere, from homes to industries. There is a surge in the demand for people who can handle the installation of these cells at the desired locations. This would be a great career choice for people looking for a stable green job that pays well, requires no special education except for a basic diploma. Many companies offer on-site training and on the job certification.
  • Wind Turbine Technicians: This job may require more specialized knowledge about the mechanics of wind turbines, but it is something worth considering an education in. Look into studies in renewable wind energy and certification in wind turbine systems. The good part is that this green job field is expected to grow up to 96% in the coming years!


Green Products and Lifestyle

With more education around global climate change issue, more and more people are now concerned and willing to take some action. They are actively investing in greener living, making efforts to improve their lifestyle in order to make the environment healthier.

  • Construction: As part of this better lifestyle, people invest in homes that are more environment-friendly. In order to deal with this new type of construction, they need people with the right knowledge and skills. Knowledge of and experience with environment-friendly construction materials is a great way to expand your construction business.
  • Retail/Sales: If you’re in retail or sales you can look for a job in environment-friendly products and services, such as solar panels or systems that promote water efficiency. This article from ONYA Life outlines green products that help people create a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Corporate Education: Many corporations are working towards a sustainable practice. If you are an educator or have experience in training and management, specializing in sustainability issues and being trained in corporate education could be a strong move for your career.


Remember it’s never too late and you can always find a green job in your field of expertise, or get started on the training you need.  We all need to work together to solve sustainability issues, and we want to do our part by supporting projects that in turn create jobs.  Our ecosystem is built to connect people to socially responsible projects, and you can even search our job listings to see more possible career options. We hope to see you around the Projects for Good community!