5 Tips to reach your fundraising goal
by Alexis Van Dijk
Published on May 23, 2019

When it comes to fundraising, it’s not always as straightforward as we’d hope, no matter how great the cause. Between busy schedules, tight budgets, and short attention spans, it can be difficult to reach your fundraising goal. Whatever you do: Don’t get discouraged; you can do this! Below are some ideas you can use to promote and generate more funds for your project.

1) Social Media Campaigns

  • Make it personal. So you shared your project on your wall, and no one donated. Here’s why: In a world where there is so much information, it’s pretty common to get overlooked. The solution to stand out: Add a personal touch.
  • Send direct messages to friends and family, start with a hello and then share a link to your project. Ask for support and to share far and wide!

Don’t be afraid to send out direct messages, the worst thing that will happen is a “no” or a no-reply, but no one will judge you for raising funds for a good cause. No donation is ever too small and every share is a crucial part of a successful campaign. #SharingIsCaring 

Make sure to publicly thank whoever donated to your campaign.


It can be as simple or as creative as you'd like it to be and will remind those who haven't donated yet about your cause.

  • Create a facebook event that talks about your project and offers links to your project story. (The event can be set to a physical location meetup, or virtual reminder)
  • Start a social challenge! One of the most successful social media fundraising events was the Ice Bucket Challenge, with over 17 million video participants. People filmed themselves dumping a bucket of ice water over an individual (or their own) head and then challenged 3 people to do the same and make a donation to the ALS Association to raise funds for Lou Gehrig's disease. Simple, yet the campaign raised over $115 million.
  • Film yourself talking to the camera (or doing something, I.e: A cartwheel, planting a flower etc.) then tag 3 friends and challenge them to do the same and make a donation for your cause. Make it fun and engaging. Try to have a few people posting the challenge at the same time, to create momentum. (Don't forget to @ProjectsForGood so we can repost!)
  • Tag local businesses in your area that could be potential donors to your campaign when you make a public post.
  • Create stories on Facebook /instagram / snapchat and tell people why this project is important and also keep them updated with your progress.
  • Keep your posts fresh and interesting by posting fun facts on related topics. Make sure that your content isn't repetitive to keep your viewers coming back for more.

2) Print and hand out fliers

Good old paper flyers. Get some help making a simple flier then print different sizes for different venues:

  • A4 (8.5 x11 standard paper) are great to hang around the community (coffee shops, telephone poles, announcement boards etc.) This will help your community keep your project in mind during their daily routine, and also catch the eye of potential donors who are not as virtually connected.
  • A4 / 4 (Print 4 mini posters on an A4) cut them (3.5 x5 inches), then hand them out (Tip: You can leave a stack by the register of your favorite ice-cream/coffee shop). You can also ask local restaurants to add one of your flyers in their guest checkbook/cardholder, for people to take home with them.
  • Keep your information short and sweet but also use strong motivating language. Your cause is important, make it clear as to why people need to donate. 
  • Bonus points if you print your fliers on recycled or previously used paper. You can collect some at any printing shop or at the library of your school/college/community. People will be impressed by your effort to promote your project while also making efforts to do good in other areas. If you are using a printing company to print your fliers, tell them in person your intentions with using previously used paper - good causes are worth the detour!

3) Fundraising Events

Organize an event that people would regularly pay for, and use the funds towards your project. It can be a Yoga class, basketball tournament, dance party, 5K run, or car wash. 

For example, you could lead a yoga class to fundraise for your project. You can host the event in a park/ public area, or you can reach out to a local studio owner and tell them you are fundraising for a cause, and ask to use the space. Charge a cover fee, and use it towards your project. (Tip: Have a donation jar so people can give more if they feel inclined to.) Note: Don't be afraid to ask! Studio owners may benefit from the promotion and get new email sign-ups!

It doesn't have to directly relate to your project, just make it a fun thing for you and your community and friends to do.


4) Write a letter

Write a letter to friends, family, and potential donors, tell them about your project, and let them know how they can participate (Give them the link to your Projects for Good Page). If you don't have time to hand write them all, print them and then hand sign with a little personal touch.


5) Brainstorming

Power in numbers! Have a meeting with friends, family, or team members and ask people for ideas on how you can promote your project to reach your goal.

And remember, the team at Projects For Good is here to support you too! We try to do social media marketing around all projects started on the website, but feel free to reach out and ask if your project can be featured as one of our marketing campaigns. Of course, If you have any other questions, contact us anytime.


Happy fundraising!