3 Tips for Successful Fundraising
by Michelle from Projects for Good
Published on March 28, 2018

1. Tell a meaningful story

To maximize your impact, keep your short description concise. For someone unfamiliar with your project, who doesn’t know or understand what it is yet, it is important to clearly state the impact that their donation will have. More specifically, where does the funding go? In the story section, you are able to demonstrate the power of a donation. The best way to do this is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the project?

  • Why is it needed?

  • When will it take place?


  • How is the project possible?

  • Where will it take place?

  • Who is involved?

2. Include compelling images and videos

Add photos and videos to drive home your message!

Visitors browsing the site will be more likely to click on a project with a high resolution, captivating snapshot that adds context.

If an image or video relates to your project, but does not tell the same story as your writing, readers can become distracted or confused, so carefully consider where the best place to include the image or video is. Structure the story in a way that keeps readers reading! The same rule applies to links.

The key is to look for interesting ways to include images and/or videos that are consistent with your message and enhance the story you are trying to tell.


3. Provide project updates

There is no better way to keep donors engaged than by providing them with project updates. Show your donors where their money went! Continue to recognize them by sharing valuable content like the status of the project and the impact their donation has had. This can be done using written updates, photos, videos, and thank you’s! Your donors are your most important asset so you’ve got to thank them! At Projects for Good we love a short and sweet recorded thank you video.

Updates can also be done using social media! Happy donors tend to spread the word, so drive continued support by leveraging social networks.

In the end, it’s all about communication!